Hi, I’m

Hi, I’m Xena

     A modern day mystic with a deep human side. I’d describe myself as empathetic, intuitive, sensual, embodied in her feminine essence. On a quest to align myself to my highest soul expansion and joy – and help others do that too!

I love deep spirituality and digging out esoteric truths. As well as creating sacred space for expression & healing. Community, dance, sensuality, travelling the seen & unseen realms, energy work, & embodied intimacy is what I breathe and live every day.

In my work I invite you to let go of all the shackles and societal programs that keep you from expressing yourself authentically. I channel from my soul to serve you from my heart. I challenge you to fully come out of the spiritual closet & embrace your life force, your sexuality and your multidimensional gifts as something sacred.

My approach is super multidimensional and practical at the same time.

“When we fully embrace our multidimensional gifts & sexuality as sacred, we become free in our bodies, minds & souls. We can lead from wisdom , purity and love. And this is what I am dedicated to serve.”

I was always a seeker of truth, trying to understand the depth
of my human experience and the longing I felt for something as
abstract as the Divine.

   A series of tragic events in my early childhood led me to grow up in emotionally very challenging & conflictuous conditions. Despite being spiritually very ‘opened’, I kept encountering darkness and found it very challenging to find my way in this world. I sought for answers in science,  religion, new age philosophy, but I kept feeling like it was hard to live in this world.

I thought I would find all the solutions in a psychology degree

but eventually discovered that dance brought me so much more.

Dance was a deep first Initiation on my healing path, as it helped me feel my body, drop out of my mind and express myself more authentically. I got a taste of what it felt like to live life to the Fullest. I wanted more, I wanted to feel my Heart, I wanted to be Free and feel Love…

So I started the Work.

Vipassana was my second Initiation. The 100s of hours of deep meditation helped me maintain the balance of my mind, even in the midst of chaos,

The third Initiation was Shakti Tantra, a set of beautiful tantric teachings that helped me understand, honor and connect with all aspects of my body, femininity, masculinity, sexuality, boundaries, desires, shadows, inner children, my menstrual cycle, my life force & how to treat them.

Energy work and intuitive psychic development began simultaneously to Tantra, where I learned to read, increase, transform, and protect the frequency of energy. I reclaimed my Priestess lineages & wisdom of ceremonial work of ancient timelines & dimensions.

In 2020,  I awakened to my ‘Alien’ Self & and all its multidimensional parts. I was called to start working with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. I discovered how much wisdom, healing and knowledge we can find in off-planetary benevolent beings have to share. They have proved to be a pivotal part in my journey of multidimensional healing and sexual alchemy.

Meanwhile, my journey continues. I keep integrating, awakening, deepening, and expanding into new layers of my work & being.

I invite you to commune with your inner Lover
to befriend your Shadows
to hold your inner Children like no other
to awaken your inner Priest*ess
to see yourself through the eyes of the Beloved
to embrace your Sexuality
I invite you to…
Dance with life itself

Make love to your inner Feminine & Masculine

So you can release, drop, surrender, let go & set free

So your Divinity can flow through you without obstructions

And expand into your highest Joy, Innocence, Freedom & Love


For the benefit of all beings
With love,

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